Monday, August 24, 2009

Where God Wants Me

Yesterday's sermon was a great reminder of the importance of being content in the location God has planted me in and the role He has called me to. Satan desires to distract us from God's purpose and plan for our lives and one of the ways he does that is by sowing discontentment in our lives. When I'm focused on what I don't have or can't do, I miss all the daily opportunities God gives me for ministering and sharing His love. When I'm distracted by the daily busyness of life I become self absorbed and miss the hurting all around me. There are so many things that wrestle for my attention each day and the urgent crowds out those things of eternal value. Really in eternity will it matter if my laundry is not folded, the dishes are sitting in the sink, the floor is sticky, and the bathroom shows traces of boys using it? Seeking God with all my heart and leading others to Him will last for eternity. Hugging a hurting neighbor and listening to her for hours, will make a difference to her now and possibly eternity. My hearts desire is to seek God for His guidance every hour and moment of the day, so that I respond with His love to those He brings in my path each day. People need the Lord, will I bring them to Him, even in the daily choices I make?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Name Change

At the moment I have three blogs going and rarely post on any of them, so in an attempt to simplify I am combining them all into this one blog and therefore I changed the name to reflect my life in general as opposed to just a certain area of life. I tend to over organize and then never follow through because I make it too difficult for myself and I did just this with multiple blogs. I would then never post because I wasn't sure which blog to put it under. Now no choices, just typing!

More to come least I can transfer over some of my previous posts!