Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Summer is quickly approaching here in the south and I can tell by the tiny fruit on my vegetable plants, the lush herbs outside my backdoor, the smell of fresh cut grass, the occasional thunderstorm, the constant puddles from children playing with the water hose and the many creatures my children keep bringing in from the creek. Just today they've captured a snapping turtle, another variety of turtle, a crawdad, minnows, and a frog. My favorite part of summer is that life seems to slow down a bit. There seems to be more time for stopping and smelling the flowers and enjoying the world around us. There are more opportunities for sitting around, sipping iced tea and visiting with friends and family. I feel the freedom to let go of the agenda and take whatever the day brings. This morning I had really hoped to get some math done with the kids, but before we got to that they were outside exploring the creek. God and His creation has much to teach them, so I can relax, let them enjoy the blessing of exploring and making a mess and when that afternoon thunderstorm arrives we can review our multiplication tables, work a few problems and settle down to read a great book together.

"To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

Friday, May 21, 2010

Missing CR

Yesterday we attended a homeschool function at a park here. I was really excited about getting to connect with other homeschoolers and making new friends. Fond memories of time spent at the park in CR with all our wonderful friends filled my head. I arrived at the park with much excitement and anticipation, which quickly diminished as the kids and I walked up completely un-noticed and not seeing a face we recognized. Suddenly my excitement was gone and replaced with a longing for CR. I missed walking up and being greeted by familiar faces. I missed the lush green grass and big shady trees. I missed the laid back, casual atmosphere that resulted in long leisurely days fellowshipping. Here I was faced with strangers, glaring sun, red clay, a crowded park and rushed moms who came only to rush off to the next event of the day. I resisted the urge to run and found the opportunity to chat with a few moms. That is how friendships begin. I know God has a purpose and plan for us here! He surprised us with my Mother and Grandmother showing up at the park just as we were leaving and inviting us to lunch. I then had the opportunity to spend a leisurely afternoon visiting with my Cousin-in-law, while the kids played in her large, lush fenced back yard and we ended the day cooking out with them.

Thank you God for the blessings of new friends to be made, family so close, and the wonderful memories of past park days in CR. Thank you for giving me a purpose and plan and revealing it each moment of every day. May you be glorified in it all.

(This is in no means meant to reflect badly on my new friends here, or the homeschoolers here, it is only a journaling of the emotions I'm dealing with as I adjust to leaving my life in CR behind and beginning a new life here.)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ode To The Laundry

This week has been Spring Cleaning, aka Reclaim My Domain. I have spent the week rearranging, reorganizing, decluttering and in general just catching up all the things that have been neglected over the last few months. The most overwhelming task of the week is the laundry. I have plenty of excuses for why it has taken over our home, like moving cross country a few weeks ago, being in my first trimester stupor, switching out seasonal clothes, just returning from a week of vacation...but rather than waste any more room with all these excuses, which aren't much of a justification for letting the clothes rule, I'll take a few moments to ponder my plight before I begin the process of taking dominion over the clothes and putting them back in their place and space.

Ode To The Laundry

When it comes to the laundry,
Oh where do I start???
There are piles of clothing
in most every part.
Clean mixed with dirty,
That's not too smart.
Heaps in the bedroom,
Mounds in the bath,
Stacks in the den,
Socks in the garden,
Do I even want to know how???
Hangers swing empty,
drawers are bare,
Closets look like
A bomb burst in air.

Time for reflection has ended for now,
Armed with a basket,
It is time to plow!
Out with the excess,
down with the past season,
Sorting the dirty,
Hanging the clean.
Refilling drawers with socks and underwear!
Little by little the piles will shrink!!!

I had some pictures of my chaotic mess, but unfortunately someone deleted the software to my card reader, so they are still in my camera.

Time to sort and fold.

Living Free In Him despite the chaos!