Saturday, July 17, 2010

A New School Year

For years I have received the Sonlight Catalog and poured over their wonderful selection of books and resources. I've even attempted to round up used materials and instructors guides and follow it, but each attempt has ended in frustration, although we have read many of the books and thoroughly enjoyed them. This year I found myself drawn into their catalog again and with the arrival of a new baby approaching, the need for more structure in our homeschooling. I spent several days surfing the internet looking for user reviews and opinions. I already knew that it was a great curriculum, but I wanted to see how real families, with many children were using it as a tool to educate their children and enhance their time together. That is when I found Raising Olives. My heart immediately identified with her and the goals she and her husband had for raising their children. Her reviews of Sonlight and how it worked for their , family really spoke to me and I gained a renewed vision for our homeschool. After evaluating each years core and reviewing it with my husband, we decided the best fit four our family would be the Core 5, Eastern Hemisphere. I placed the order and we received our box full of books, in less than a week! I was very impressed by the quick shipping, but the wonderful books were the icing on the cake. Although my kids aren't avid readers, they are avid listeners and were completely enthralled with the books. All 6 children grabbed a book as I began to pull them from the box and even my husband joined in the fun, grabbing his own selection to explore. Now that we've seen what is ahead, we are all so excited to begin. We've already begun to explore with the World Book CD Rom that was included in our package. Just this morning the kids were searching for hares and jackrabbits. Now that I've finished my back to school supply shopping and organizing we should be digging. I'll keep you posted on how the year is working for us.

Right now Raising Olives has a $50 Sonlight Gift Card contest, so if you're interest in using any of their wonderful resources, visit here, for a chance to win!