Monday, March 1, 2010

March Madness

This morning started as a normal day with me opening my eyes to the all too familiar question, "Mommy, what's for breakfast?". As I mumbled "oatmeal" I began to formulate the plan for the day in my mind, lessons to finish, a history test, music to practice, laundry to put into motion and maintain, read out loud a couple of chapters and a couple of appointments that required being out the door around noon....Yes, it was going to be a busy morning! I quickly directed the children to their different tasks and we were off and running. First interruption of the morning...a smelly dog and kennel. The dog just couldn't wait for the boys to decide exactly who's turn it was to walk him. So my first load of laundry was decided and the dog got some TLC from some kiddos.

The rest of the morning progressed on somewhat chaotically with a slightly damp dog in the middle of it all, but we did manage to get everything accomplished and out the door on time. Let me rephrase that, we finished up the school work that needed to be done, but the housework got neglected as we had to rush out the door.

While out I decided to pick up some chocolate so that I could attempt PW's Mocha Brownies. Upon returning home we ignored the previously neglected housework and set about making this treat. Let me tell you they are dangerous! Dangerously delicious. Dangerously fattening with a pound of butter hidden in there. Dangerously messy with the help of a toddler and preschooler, especially when the chocolate covered toddler grabs the spatula and runs through the house! I had to call in reinforcements as I pursued her giggling self down the hall. She thought getting to play in the running water of the sink was just as fun as licking and smearing chocolate every where.

Despite the fact that they day didn't go as previously planned and imagined we did accomplish all that the Lord had planned for us today...a mountain of laundry folded and put away, dinner cooked, the kitchen put back in order, a sweet treat, and a some good reading time before bed. My kitchen floor still needs to be mopped as traces of the chocolate covered toddler are still visible...I'll think about that tomorrow, after all tomorrow is another day full of adventure and opportunity, which is quickly approaching bringing with it the standard greeting of "Mommy, what's for breakfast?"

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