Thursday, April 1, 2010

If you....

give a pig a pancake...That is the kind of day we are having today and my frustration level is on the rise. I had one plan for today. Change my laundry room from a family closet into a mudroom. The constant piles of clean and dirty laundry all over the laundry room, mixed with the monstrous piles of shoes, books and jackets that keep collecting in the kitchen have pushed me to the limit and I decided that I must cut some clutter and redistribute the remaining in a way that is easier to manage for all of us. A daunting task, but my goal for the day none the less. Before my plans could materialize into action I found myself cuddling a sick child, refereeing so many battles and fights that I can't even count them, and looking over a pile of boxes that my son, trying to be helpful, drug in from the garage so that I could unpack them. I now cannot walk through the dining room or get to the kitchen table. The washer and dryer are no longer accessible because of the amount of things piled in front of them and on top of them. It is already 1:00 pm and the hopes for a shower have vanished. My children's ability to stay focused on a task and follow through to completion seems to have gone with the wind, or I should say gone with the appearance of the sun and my patience with them is very thin. I'd love to run away from the mess and the chaos, but I must persevere and have hope that soon order will return to our home and day. Surely God has a plan amidst the chaos and His goodness and mercy shall overcome.

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