Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ode To The Laundry

This week has been Spring Cleaning, aka Reclaim My Domain. I have spent the week rearranging, reorganizing, decluttering and in general just catching up all the things that have been neglected over the last few months. The most overwhelming task of the week is the laundry. I have plenty of excuses for why it has taken over our home, like moving cross country a few weeks ago, being in my first trimester stupor, switching out seasonal clothes, just returning from a week of vacation...but rather than waste any more room with all these excuses, which aren't much of a justification for letting the clothes rule, I'll take a few moments to ponder my plight before I begin the process of taking dominion over the clothes and putting them back in their place and space.

Ode To The Laundry

When it comes to the laundry,
Oh where do I start???
There are piles of clothing
in most every part.
Clean mixed with dirty,
That's not too smart.
Heaps in the bedroom,
Mounds in the bath,
Stacks in the den,
Socks in the garden,
Do I even want to know how???
Hangers swing empty,
drawers are bare,
Closets look like
A bomb burst in air.

Time for reflection has ended for now,
Armed with a basket,
It is time to plow!
Out with the excess,
down with the past season,
Sorting the dirty,
Hanging the clean.
Refilling drawers with socks and underwear!
Little by little the piles will shrink!!!

I had some pictures of my chaotic mess, but unfortunately someone deleted the software to my card reader, so they are still in my camera.

Time to sort and fold.

Living Free In Him despite the chaos!

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