Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Blues

Perhaps it is the bleak, wet, dreary day, the sleep deprivation, or postpartum hormone swings but my husband's unenthusiastic response, to my announcement that I wanted to attempt to read the Bible in 90 days, hit like a boulder and opened a flood gate of tears. For a woman who is already feeling overwhelmed by all that I have to accomplish on a daily basis and knowing that I can only accomplish it through God and that I must immerse myself in His word in order to have anything to give those in my charge...well let's just say I needed some encouragement and enthusiasm, not a critique of how poorly I'm managing all of my responsibilities. I"m not exactly sure what he said or meant, but what I heard was that once I managed to accomplish everything else I have to do, then sure I could take the time to read God's word. I know from experience that this approach does not work. It must be God first or everything I attempt will be a failure. I definitely have not had enough of God lately and I'm feeling the deficiency and experiencing the lack of fruit and most probably why I'm having such a blue day.

It is only by abiding in Him that I can live the life of freedom and joy that He has promised me.

Striving to abide in Him this New Year....

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  1. Sorry about that, friend. I think it is great having such a goal. Praying that you will find the time to read and abide AND take care of all the other responsibilities. It is daunting, but I believe God waits to help us! God can do what we can't possibly do on our own.